15 Exceptional Tips for Photographers (2022)

best Tips for Photographers

With the growth of the photography industry there has been many changes and new dynamical setups everyday, every hour. Here are some basics and some new tips and tricks which will help you better your photography skills. Let’s discuss “15 exceptional tips for photographers 2021”

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Knowing Your Tech

Many a times photographers are looking for better and new gadgets rather than knowing deeply the gadgets or DSLR they have with them right now. Every DSLR, irrespective of their price range, has been embedded with a variety of features. You should be well acquainted with all the modes present in its camera.

Using Composition

A photo is a cluster of elements in a frame composed in a way that is eye-catchy. Knowing the basic compositions, like rule of thirds, the golden ratio, leading lines, etc will allow you to create an aesthetic view in your capture.

best tips for photographers

concept of lighting

The word photography itself has greek origin which means “writing with lights”. Lighting is a pretty vast subject to learn in photography. Learning lighting techniques will include how the position, intensity and shade of lights will affect the photograph.

tips for photographers 2021

Pre-planning the shoots

Shooting becomes a tricky business when not well planned ahead. You should contact the model beforehand making him/her comfortable with your concept and idea, you should go through all the logistics and check the weather of the location

Find a story behind

A photograph is inanimate until you portray it with a story and speak an anecdote or idea through it. Bring the drama into your photo by using the concepts of compositions and lighting.

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RAW mode

It is always wise to keep your photographs in RAW mode. It will bring more data and details into your photo which will help you during post-processing. For example a photo with less exposure can be heightened.

best tips for photographers

Networking with other photographers

Staying connected with other people in your field of work will keep you updated with what’s happening and not happening. It will keep you motivated and encourage you to improve. You can aslo join Tricy Whatsapp Community of Photographers. Click Here

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The sacred triangle

There has always been a world class debate going on what Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO takes away when giving you more light. 

As you increase the Aperture, the hole through which light comes in expands, the foreground brightens up and blurs the backgrounds so the depth of field would be taken away. With lower Shutter Speed, the capturing time will increase leading to a more lightened object but if the object is in motion it will create a blurred trance like event. Higher the ISO, higher the amount of light that comes in but leading to more noisy shots. 

Algorithms have made the Auto Mode use these three in an optimistic way, but you need to be the person in control.

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Are you leading your viewers

Leading lines are one of the most used composition tricks. You should always be looking for any sort of lines and objects which are straightly sequenced and provide an aesthetic view to your photograph. 

leading lines

Eyes are enigmatic

When clicking pictures of models or maybe general people the most enchanting way to connect with your viewer with your subject is capturing their eyes. Eyes are the lake of emotions, let it be cheerful, gloomy or confused eyes. Each and every eye beholds the story of ages. Focusing on eyes will sparkle more beauty than any lighting or other technical aspects in photography.

eye photography

Experiment it out

After going through all the works and theories of other photographers, always work on your own theory, your own thinking. Experiment on different lighting setups, try out newer, newer compositions. Click daily with some usual, regular concepts and some new and your own concepts too.


Get Support

A good tripod will ease a lot of your hard work on keeping the camera stable on hard/odd terrains. With the advancement in this industry, you can now have a lot of choice in tripods, monopods, gimbals, etc. You never wanna miss a shot because your hand slipped and blurred the moment.


Keep a backup

With the rise of cloud storage, it is now easy and quite reliable to store your work. You should always be aware of keeping a backup of your shots and copies of work. If not for goodness sake something happens to the local copy you always have a spare copy.

Photograph Daily

Practice makes a man perfect isn’t just for beginners. Even the experts have to keep their blades sharp. Photographing daily will keep enhancing your eyes for new angles and new perspectives.

Be patient

Success is a journey not a destination. Keep your head on game and focus on the skill rather than fame and popularity which will automatically come to you. Keep your works up to date on all social platforms.

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