Best Places for Photoshoot in Dahanu (2021)

Best places for photoshoot in dahanu

Dahanu is the first or last station of the Western railway and the home to more than 3 lakh people. A little bit the border area of Gujarat state, The city with the medium crowd and maximum peace. 

Best places for photoshoots in Dahanu.

► Dahanu beach: Dahanu beach is something 2 to 2.5 km away from station dahanu, The most favorite place for every dahanu locals. People come to enjoy the beach vibes and photoshoots. Dahanu beach is the best place for a pre-wedding shoot, Aerial photography, Cinematography, Casual photoshoot, Portrait, etc.

► Khadi bridge: Dahanu khadi bridge is the longest bridge in dahanu village. Khadi bridge is 3.5 KM away from station dahanu. People come here to enjoy the photoshoot with a sunset view. It’s also called dhakti dahanu. Best for a pre-wedding shoot, aerial photography, Cinematic shot, etc.

► Surya waterfall: Surya waterfall is the greenest place in dahanu village. It is about 24 to 25 KM away from dahanu. So many people visit this place to enjoy the waterfall & vibes. Surya waterfall is the best place for a pre-wedding shoot, Cinematic shots, Portraits, travel shoots, etc.

► Bordi beach: Bordi beach is 17 KM away from Dahanu station. Peaceful and silent place and people visit Bordi beach and enjoy the vibes and photoshoot, chikoo festival is one of the best festivals of the village best for a pre-wedding shoot, portrait shoot, casual photoshoot, night photography, aerial shoot.

► Chikhal to bordi road.: It is the best place for a travel shoot or pre-wedding shoot on a vehicle, an empty road with the shadow of trees, and the sound of the beach available besides. Also called chikhala marg (the road towards the Bordi beach). It is 20 minutes by road for Bordi and 6 to 7 KM away from Dahanu station.

These are the best places for photoshoots in Dahanu. Find the best photographers, cinematographers, and drone pilots in Dahanu City. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

Some best captures from Dahanu:

best places for photoshoot in dahanu
Photo by Mitesh Patil
places for photoshoot in dahanu
Photos by Krutik Thakur

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