Boost Your Cinematography Career With Tricy 2022

Boost your cinematography career with Tricy_

Everybody likes to capture memories in the form of videos that they can’t explain by words and, that’s where the cinematography enters the game. In short words, Cinematography is an art of storytelling in visual formats and use in science, business, mass media, and sometimes for passion or as a hobby.

As we know, time is money. So, without wasting it let’s discuss some common questions like, What is cinematography? Who is the best cinematographer? How can I boost my cinematography career with Tricy? What is the scope of cinematography in India? How much can I earn from cinematography? How to boost your cinematography career with tricy?

● What is cinematography?


As we discussed earlier, the cinematography is an art of storytelling in visual formats. According to the definition given by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), the cinematography is not only the documentation of what is happening; it is also creating an original art by an illuminating and creative process. In a movie shoot, a director gives a brief on how a scene should look visually, and the cinematographer has the responsibility to achieve that. It is nothing but capturing videos with a good story, editing them in a way that looks better.

● Who is the best cinematographer?

Someone who buys expensive cameras to capture videos of zero expressions and stories is not a cinematographer. A real passionate cinematographer can able to tell stories through his videos even with a 5mp mobile camera.

Some valuable skills for cinematographers:

1. creativity and imagination

2. An eye for details

3. Patience and flexibility

4. And importantly, passion.


● How can I boost my cinematography career with Tricy?

First of all, for those who don’t know what the tricy is. Tricy is an android app from where people can hire photographers, Cinematographers, and drone pilots according to their location and their budget. Now, the question is, Here the following answer of   “How can I boost my cinematography career with Tricy?”

► Search Listing: In Tricy App, Whenever clients search for any photographer or cinematographer near them. Tricy shows them your profiles in relevant ways means according to their location and price ranges.

► Personal profile and portfolio: Tricy App provides a personal page or profile for each photographer, cinematographer, and drone pilot. You can create your well organized and beautiful portfolio there. It is an opportunity to Showcase your skill on your profile all over India. Get contacted directly by customers.

► Portfolio sharing: After creating a beautiful portfolio, you can share your portfolio on every social media out there. So you don’t need to create websites to showcase your work.

► Affordable: After the Tricy App launch, we are giving 90 days of free membership for photographers, cinematographers, and drone pilots. After that, you have to pay just 500 rupees monthly to continue.

► No commission: No commission, only confirmation!. We do not ask for any commission from photographers and customers. 

► 24/7 Support: In case if you are facing any difficulties or questions while using our app then, you can contact us any time through email or helplines.  

Our only mission is to give a boost to the photography and videography sectors all over India. Tricy App will help millions of photographers, cinematographers, and drone pilots to show their stunning talent to the world. So that every photographer can proudly say, “Photography and videography are also one of the best careers in the world.”

Some other features of the App:

1.  Quick notifications: You will quickly receive notifications when somebody tries to connect with you.

2. Tricy events from the website: You can participate in exciting and new events hosted by the tricy app.


● What is the scope of cinematography in India?

As we know, India is developing at a tremendous speed. New trends are fading old ones. The entertainment sector is booming and, that’s why the demand for cinematography will increase surely. The competition will increase between cinematographers and, the ones who use new technologies can surely win this competition. New technologies like the tricy app can help you to survive in the ocean of competition.

● How much can I earn from cinematography? 

A cinematographer’s salary changes as per the contingent on area, experience, and work points of interest. According to some research, In India, a cinematographer who has quite recently joined the business is paid Rs.94,000 Rs.1,00,000 every year. But this value changes according to your project, experience, and time. In short, You can earn good money from cinematography or by working as a cinematographer.

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