Photography as a career in India (2022)

Photography as career in india

“The scope of photography has been highly boosted in the past few years, there are many places to get technical knowledge. The problem remaining is photographers are not yet having any significant corporate world to themselves. Tricy is building a new stage to bring these scattered photographers, cinematographers as well as drone pilots to the general public. So, let’s discuss photography career in india.

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Photography is considered one of the purest forms of creativity in this Screen Era. We humans have come so far as to record our thoughts, ideas, and even the most delicate thing, our memories. Photography is the thing which is making it possible, it has evolved with the digitization of Earth. We now have pretty high-end technology in the field of capturing a photograph. We now have an abundance of data storage capacity. We now have the possibilities to think with no barrier.

Photography as a career in india

India has embraced and accepted photography as a career option. Various institutes in India have been providing professional courses on this very subject. Although there has been no significant corporate development in this field i.e. photographers are highly scattered and not well connected. 

Tricy is your app which is designed to fulfil this need of hour to connect with more and more photographers and bring them more and more closer to the customer.

Where to learn photography ?

Many of the photographers pursue a well organised career by joining a course in a college or institute to boost their photography career in india. Such of some places are

  • Delhi College of Photography, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Photography, Mumbai
  • Light and Life Academy, Ooty
  • Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai
  • Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research Center, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
  • Pixel Institute of Photography, New Delhi

While a good many photographers do freelancing, some after gaining years of experience start their own studios or join any brands as an employee. In the photography career, there are quite a number of options extending from sports, fashion, wildlife, wedding and many and many other sections included. 

As exciting as the job sounds, it can get tough at the same time. But where’s the fun if there is no hard work involved? The field of working behind the lens has improved immensely in the last couple of years as from just being restricted to traditional media-related work, the expansion in e-commerce, advertising, and mass media has created a large demand for professional photographers. 

Where is a photographer needed ?

It can be an office party, a ceremony or any occasion. The goal is to have tons of photos and videos to look at when you get nostalgic or feel like driving to that memory lane. It is a warm way to keep the feelings lit. And, Tricy keeps that in mind and brings you a lot of options from photographers to cinematographers to drone pilots. Still you don’t get where you need a photographer ? The specific places where you can need one are follows

1. Capturing Sports

India is crazy about sports let it be cricket, football, kabaddi or any other sports out there. And a photographer here is always needed to capture those hearth throbbing moments.

2. Travelling

Travel blogs have been rising since the birth of the internet, it has brought dozens of information for its viewers. Photographers are usually either hired to provide unseen amazements of nature or the photographer itself travels and maintains a blog.

3. Wildlife

The jungle safari, the lions and deers run for food and life respectively, and all those other thrilling photos you see on Discovery or Natgeo are the hard work of a photographer.

4. Product photography

Do you like a photo of your food plate, or do you click a photo of the new garment which you have bought recently. I must say you are working the job of a Product photographer then. This tribe of photographers click a specific product and showcase it. Recent days have shown a lot of food bloggers and tech aficionados who exhibit their gadgets, they are a good example of product photography.

5. Fashion Photography

The guys who captures amazing photos of bollywood celebrities are the fashion photographers. Many have been inspired by him and started their own journey on this line of work.

6. Wedding photography

Perhaps, the cauldron of emotions and feelings is a wedding. A lot of memories are created, a lot of tears of happiness and sorrow are flooded. A photographer is the only person who has the power to capture all these moments and freeze them into an album.

Why is there a need for a photographer ?

Yes, you have a camera on your phone. Yes, you can use it. But in doing so you would be missing the fun of being in the moment. In most of these cases, you either should be a photographer yourself or you have to hire a photographer. Tricy will help you to find a photographer, cinematographer or a drone pilot even within a blink of eye. Gone are those days, when you didn’t have any place to store your data. With the increase in data storage throughout the world, you should never shy away from freezing a memory inside a digital frame.

Why can’t I find a photographer on time then ?

Although India has adopted the photography passion as a career option. It has not yet made enough practical and pragmatic steps to make their skills available to the general people. The photographers are quite scattered across the map. They are usually freelancers or practice this photography only in their near neighbourhood. Tricy is designed to bring photographers together and is helping in connecting these remote souls with the customer. You can connect to all those photographers, cinematographers as well as drone pilots near you.

Who are we?

We are Tricy! So many photographers, cinematographers, and drone pilots are available near you. Still, it is difficult to find best in your price range. Tricy will help you to provide the best on as per your requirements. You can also boost your photography, cinematography and drone pilot career by registrating as a vendor on Tricy app. LAUNCHING SOON!


Confused about which photographers are in high demand?, no worries! You can check out our perfectly listed infographic.

photographers in high demand
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