Best Places for Photoshoot in Palghar (2022)

best places for photoshoot in palghar

Palghar is the historical and place of nature, It is taluka and home to more than 5 lakh people. Here so many people come to enjoy Photoshoot & Weekend.


Here some best places for a photoshoot in palghar.


► Kaldurg fort or Vaghoba ghat

Kaldurg fort & Vaghoba ghat of the palghar is the greenest place in the palghar. Many people come here to enjoy trekking & nature; The best for travel photography, short film shots, Cinematic shoot, etc.


► Shirgoav fort & beach

Shirgoav beach & fort is a maximum of 6-7 KM away from the main city palghar. The Best place for a pre-wedding shoot, Casual photoshoot with friends, Night photography, maternity photoshoot, and so on. 


► Umroli khadi

This place is non-fixed on google Maps till now. But it is so much peaceful and silent place between Umroli and Dapoli-road is 7-8 KM from palghar city. Best place for the short film shoot, aerial drone shot, Pre-wedding shoot, etc.


► Kelwe beach & Mahim beach

Kelwa and mahim are the Most Crowded beach and Regional place of palghar. People come to enjoy the weekends and Beach vibes. Kelwe beach is the best place for a pre-wedding shoot, maternity photoshoot, casual photoshoot, etc.


► Nandgoav beach

Nandgoav beach is a little bit longer is 21 KM away from palghar city. The vibe of nandgoav beach is so much peace and silence. Nandgoav beach is best for a cinematic shoot, aerial photography, pre-wedding, and travel shoot, etc.

These are the best places for photoshoots in palghar. Find the best photographers, cinematographers, and drone pilots in palghar city.

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Featured photos from Palghar:

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Photo by Himanshu Patil

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