Best Places for Photoshoot in Vasai-Virar (2021)

Best places for photoshoot in vasai virar

Vasai-Virar most crowded place in the palghar district, Many places belong in these cities to travel and enjoy the weekend’s vibes. But here some Top 5 locations of Vasai-Virar that will get you a great experience of the photoshoot. 


► Virar Global city: Low crowd location covered with buildings, Clean roads. It the 2 KM long from the station. People visit for Casual photoshoot, Portrait, Fashion shoot, model shoot, cinematic shoot, etc.


 ► Virar Yazoo park: Virar’s most famous park for every local’s. 2.5 KM away from Virar station and adventure park with entry fee 70-100rs /person. Best place for casual photoshoot with friends,  Travel photoshoot, portrait shoot, cinematic shoot, aerial shoot, etc.


► Virar Dam: If you are finding a peaceful location in Virar? Then Dam is the best for you. 26 KM away from the city, a silent place, green place and covered with dam water, also called papad khind dam;  Best location for the aerial shoot, cinematic shoot, travel shoot, etc. 


► Vasai Beach: Vasai beach is the most romantic place with a decent crowd in Vasai,  is just 9 KM away from Vasai station, people come here to celebrate the holiday, remove the stress, and enjoy the weekend. Best place for Pre-wedding, Travel shoot, Silhouette photography, etc.


► Bhuigaon Beach: Bhuigoan beach is a peaceful and silent place with a low crowd beach, 11 KM away from Vasai station. Best place for Pre-wedding shoot, Silhouette photography, Travel shoot, Casual photoshoot, aerial photography, etc.

These are the best places for photoshoots in Vasai-Virar. Find the best photographers, cinematographers, and drone pilots Vasai-Virar.

Featured photos from Vasai-Virar:

vasai virar photos by niket nigde
Photos by Niket Nigde
vasai virar photo by ankit gondalia
Photos by Ankit Gondalia

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