Step By Step Guide To Make Money As A Photographer

make money as a photographer

If you are an Indian who is enchanted by the world of lenses and DSLR’s, this post “Step by Step Guide to make money as a Photographer” is for you. We often find it difficult to pursue our creative interests in a country like India which puts a lot of emphasis on academic jobs like doctors, engineers and the like. At the end of the day, it’s all about the money one earns and it’s a general perception that creative professions like photography only burns a hole in one’s pocket but does not fill it. Well, guess what, it’s a wrong perception. One can always earn using photography and here are some tips on how to earn money as an Indian photographer. 

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1. A-Z aspects of photography

Before jumping in the feild of photography, you should research about photography concepts. Talk to others in the profession, earn some certificates by doing photography courses or degrees, spend your time surfing on the web about the right kind of lenses and photography tips etc. The first tip is to be a pro in your field. 

make money as a photographer

2. Build a killer portfolio

A killer portfolio is the easiest way to make a great impression, and also it is the best way money as a photographer. Assemble your best photos and write the portfolio in a straightforward and professional manner. Find out your area of interest be it food photography, travel photography, abstract photography etc. but do not confine yourself to only working in these fields. It might be difficult to get work only in your areas of interest so offer your services for any opportunity you get. Create a close circle of friends in the same field and always ask them for recommendations. But, after few months you don’t have to create separate portfolio. You can do this all in Tricy App


3. Widen your popularity base

If you are interested in food blogging, go for it. Mix up your talents and present them before your audience. It helps to have a very good social media base and follow the ongoing trends. You can also start youtube channels and post photography tutorials or you can organise webinars/seminars on photography. Initially, please do not charge a hefty fee. Wait until your name becomes famous. Send your entries to magazines, newspapers, channels and try engaging in job opportunities there. Organise photo exhibitions and participate in photography competitions.

make money as a photographer

4. Wedding/Event photography

India is a hub of weddings. We celebrate every festival or event with so much pomp. The pandemic has put a stop to it but still these events are a photographer’s road to money. Set up a small studio or work in a photo studio and take up wedding photography assignments, they will fetch you a good price. Having a studio in some areas helps too because most people in India are still dependent on them.

wedding photography

5. Sell your photos

As a photographer, you can easily earn some extra cash (or even start a new career!) if you know the right places to sell your photos online. Some websites like Shutterstock, iStock,etsy,smug mug pro, 500 pixel etc helps you to sell your photos. Avail these benefits.

6. Use Tricy

An easy way to get noticed in the field is to register yourself on our app-Tricy. We make it easier for you to reach your dream audience. With Tricy, you do not have to go hunting for clients they will come to you. Tricy is an app to hire Photographers, Cinematographers, and Drone Pilots online.

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