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Have you ever wondered how much our lives are updated?  Why should you go for tricy photographers?Everything is getting online. New techs are fading old ones. As we all know, India is evolving at a rapid speed, which you can’t even calculate. Every industry is booming up, including technology, fashion so as photography.

Still, something is missing! You can’t hire photographers online. You can’t look for the best drone pilots online around you. But don’t worry because we are here. Now we are introducing our useful app called TRICY. Let’s move further with Tricy.

We know you can’t believe it, but according to a recent survey in India, the Photography industry is growing at an impressive rate of 15-20%.We are sure that these numbers will increase in the upcoming years. Because taking photos is like capturing memories and, everybody likes to save their memories.

So, now we all know that “Hire professional photographers online” is a problem and Tricy is a solution. We are also giving you cool features so you can hire a photographer anywhere and anytime according to your location. Find more about it at the official Tricy website. So, let’s move further but, before discussing the advantages of online tricy photographers, we should discuss the disadvantages of offline local photographers.


Disadvantages of offline photographers:

  •  Lack of availability: A man with a camera is always busy. Local offline photographers are not reachable most of the time due to a lack of management or time, every offline photographer is not professional, the photographer is an artist with proper knowledge of photography.

  • Skills: Most of the time, local photographers don’t have their proper updated portfolio. So there are chances that your local photographer is a newbie or doesn’t have any well-defined skills.

  • Price comparison: So many photographers charges money by checking the background of the customer and You can’t compare prices between two or many photographers in offline mode.

There are so many other disadvantages available for offline photographers. But, we don’t want to waste your time discussing the disadvantages of it. Instead, let’s discuss the advantages of Tricy photographers.

Why should you go for Tricy photographers? 

  • Availability: Hire photographers, drone pilots, and cinematographers online at a suitable time from a great list of photographers. You can hire anytime, anywhere, and anyone in India.

  • SkillsWork with highly-rated, skilled, and professional photographers. The bonus point is that you can choose from a dynamic range of talented photographers according to their ratings and matrices.

  • Connectivity: Easily connect with the best photographers, drone pilots, and cinematographers all over India with Tricy.

  • Price: Now hire photographers online according to your price range only on Tricy. Prices vary from photographers to photographers, And last but not least is

  • Portfolios: You can discover photographers by exploring their stunning portfolios on the Tricy app

How is Tricy going to change lives?

  • A unique platform for photographers, drone pilots, and cinematographers to increase their employment and overall opportunities all over India

  • No more waste of time on finding the best photographers, short process and you can hire a photographer in just a few seconds.

  • Hire from anywhere and anytime in India.

  • Tricy has Modern and innovative technologies that will give you the best services.

So, now as we have discussed both Tricy and offline photographers, at the end of the day, it’s your choice whether you want to waste your time or try the Tricy app.

We are going to launch the tricy app in the next 1 to 2 months. You can connect with us on social media, where you can able to explore photos that are clicked by tricy professionals.

Thank you for time!

why should you go for tricy photographers

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